Jamie perfected her skill as a professional photographer while working in the Labor and Delivery Unit at Alta Bates Hospital in the early eighties, taking dramatic pregnancy portraits and artistically documenting the dramas of childbirth. As she dealt with the difficult lighting situations, the spontaneous events, and the human interactions of childbirth photography, Jamie mastered her unique portrait skills and sense of timing. She regards it as a tremendous honor and privilege to document one moment in the life of a family and know that she has created a keepsake that will be enjoyed from one generation to the next. Jamie continues to pursue her passion today as an award winning portrait photographer based in downtown Orinda.

Jamie is best known for the thousands of portraits she has taken of Bay Area children and families. While she is technically a master photographer, her unique gift is in creating an environment where people relax enough to let her beautiful pictures come to life. Her portraits (featured at numerous shows as well as in countless homes) have the finesse of fine art yet capture the candid emotion of classic Polaroids. Whether she’s photographing babies, children, parents, grandparents, couples, business people, musicians, performers, dogs, birds, whoever – the miracle is that the final photo ends up capturing the unique spirit and beauty of that particular personality. Her clients are always pleased with the results and surprised by how much fun it is to be photographed by Jamie. In the relaxed environment she creates, even the most inhibited subjects strike natural and evocative poses. Whether shy or outgoing, each subject always ends up enjoying the experience.

After 16 years in Theatre Square, Jamie’s growing volume and repeat customers mandated a search for a larger location. Now located at 232 Brookwood Rd, Orinda, the beautiful space – lovingly dubbed “Red Studio” for its vibrant walls – comfortably accommodates everything from intimate family portraits to large business groups. Her clients will enjoy this new location’s easy access from highway 24 and BART, its ample parking, and the Loard’s ice-cream parlor next door.

Among her numerous accolades, Jamie has been consistently rated as Best in the East Bay and Best in Lamorinda.

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